How to Properly Store and Season Firewood


Firewood – How to Properly Store and Season

How to Properly Store and Season Firewood

Now that we are deep in to the winter months, the question of how to keep your home warm arises. There are many who use wood burning stoves or fireplaces as a way to keep their homes warm. Whether you use wood as your primary source of heat or you just like the ambiance of a crackling fireplace, it is important to have a good supply of usable wood on hand. At Inman News the author gives some tips to building a good firewood supply. Whether you use wood as your primary heating source or a fire crackling merrily in your fireplace adds to the ambiance of your home, it is important to know how to properly store and season firewood.

Firewood is sold by the cord, which means when the wood is stacked, it is four feet high, four feet deep and eight feet long. If you buy your wood, be sure you take note of how the wood is delivered – if it is stacked neatly in the truck, chances are good that you will get a complete chord. If the wood is thrown haphazardly in a pile, you might not get a whole cord.

When wood is purchased, you can choose between dry or green wood. Dry or seasoned wood burns hotter but is more expensive. Green wood is wood that has been recently cut and still has moisture within the wood from when it was still a live tree. You can save money by buying green wood and letting dry for a period of time before use.

At End Times Report there is a great method to speed up the seasoning process of firewood by essentially building a greenhouse-type enclosure to store the wood. The instructions are at the link.
How to Properly Store and Season Firewood

Remember to store the wood off the ground to keep it dry. This can be done by laying some long branches crosswise to ensure that air is able circulate through the pile. You can even get artistic with your wood pile if you have the inclination.How to Properly Store and Season Firewood

With a some foresight and preparation, you can be ensured that you know how to properly store and season your firewood so when it gets chilly outside, you will have plenty of firewood to keep you warm and toasty. Now that there is a good fire going, who wants some hot chocolate?

What are some ways to store and season wood that has worked for you? Share some of your knowledge with us!


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