Old Fashioned Skills for a New World


Old Fashioned Skills Everyone Should Know

Old Fashioned SkillsYou come home from a long day at work. What do you do? Do you change out of your work clothes, and put on a comfy sweater, sweats and some cozy socks. After a little bit of down time you go to the refrigerator, get out some chicken and vegetables and start dinner. Life nowadays is so convenient, everything that we need can be as easy going to the store. But what if things were to change? There are many skills that were once necessary for survival in the past that are not as commonplace as today. Here are some old fashioned skills that might be useful for everyone to know.

It used to be if you wanted some new clothes, you got out a bolt of fabric and soon you would have a nice new shirt or a warm coat. Now it cam be as easy as sitting on your couch, browsing the internet and in 7-10 days or sooner a package would show up on your doorstep with something new to wear. I think modern conveniences are wonderful and well, so convenient. But when a SHTF scenario appears, will you be able to fend for yourself? Learning how to sew or at the very least mending your clothes could be an invaluable skill. Knowing how to knit, crochet and quilt may seem like hobbies now but they would be very useful in staying comfortable in long term survival situation.

How great would it be if you could just go outside and grab some eggs from your own chickens? Not only will your eggs be fresher and tastier than the store bought variety, but you will still have eggs when there might possibly not be a store to go to. Raising chickens and other livestock is not that complicated once you know how.

Just learning and implementing some of these skills could mean that if the world situation changes, it won’t be a huge lifestyle change for you. Now excuse me, I’m going to knit myself a pair of socks.

What old fashioned skills do you have that will help in a survival situation? Share your ideas with us!


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