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How to Regain Conrol When Your Car Skids

Maintaining Control When Your Car Skids


Maintaining Control When Your Car Skids “Turn left to go right left,” was the Doc Hudson‘s advice to Lightning McQueen in the Pixar movie Cars when he skids out of control. Doc Hudson’ knew what he was talking about. There will be times when maintaining control when your car skids whether because of snow and […]

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My Bonehead First-Aid Mistake

I was in such a hurry last Tuesday morning that instead of running back inside the house to get my “just-in-case” First-Aid bag, I decided to let it be & “get it later”…have you ever done that? In an instant, I rationalized that leaving the bag would save me 30 seconds in dropping my son […]

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Prepper Loneliness

Feeling alone or that you’re the only one who “gets it” is not uncommon for us Preppers. I’m not referring to the stereotypical Doomsday Prep…well, you know what I’m talking about. On the journey toward greater Self-Reliance (The Journey), we often find ourselves saving up for another important purchase, working on that project until we […]

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Featured Post: Bug Out Bags: Build your own or buy ready-made? -The Survival Mom™

We recently returned from the 2012 Survival Expo in Las Vegas this last weekend. It was a fun trip that allowed us to see our friends and make new ones. One of our friends we were very happy to see there was Lisa “The Survival Mom” Bedford and her husband. Lisa was kind enough to […]

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Triple Threats of Hurricanes & Hurricane Bug-Out-Bag

For those of us who don’t live in a danger zone for hurricanes, the most significant threats posed by a hurricane include the following: High Waves & Storm Surge High Winds Heavy Rain & Flash Floods Waves & Surge- The most fatal mistake often made with regard to response by residents during a hurricane threat, is […]

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Printable Checklist: The Preparedness Test by Gaye Levy

Our friend Gaye Levy (Survival Woman) from recently posted an article with 29 questions to help you determine & secure your level of preparedness…when an urgent event strikes. After reading the questions, is there anything that you think needs to be included or that you feel is important but wasn’t included? If so, please […]

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Video: Sharpening a Knife Without Tools

A knife is an integral tool for any prepper and every toolbox. In the event that you find yourself on an extended outdoor stay (as our former Navy SEAL friend Madison Parker would say) and don’t have your knife sharpening stone with you, the tips that David from BushCraftOnFire offers in this video will help […]

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Featured Post: When the power goes out…….have a black out kit

The following blogpost was featured on ModernSurvivalOnline by our good friend John Rourke. Good info on prepping & blackouts. Power outages can be caused by a wide variety of sources including general utility problems, winter storms, lightening strikes, wind storms as well as grid overload.  There are numerous other causes but for the purpose of […]

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Featured Post: Mosquito-Borne Illness

The following post is reposted here with permission from our good friends Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy. Enjoy!: Hey Prepper Nation, Unlike the stings of bees or wasps, mosquito bites are common vectors of various infectious diseases.  On the plus side, anaphylactic reactions are rarely an issue here.  The increased amount of time we will […]

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CERT: Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search

CERT: Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search

Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search   Now that you’ve created the checklist, complete with initial assessments, plans, and resources, you are ready to begin the Search aspect of SAR.   It will be imperative to recall that Search can be broken down into two processes:   Search techniques adapted to the scene […]

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