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Featured Article: Five Reasons Against Bottled Water


Last month, I read an article detailing the Grand Canyon’s intention to ban the sale of bottled water within its park. This morning, I read an article mentioning bans of bottled water sales on campus of U.S. colleges as well. Needless to say, this is causing serious controversy. This article on the International Bottled Water […]

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Featured Post: Conversation with a Cardiologist Prepper

It should come as no surprise that our customers come to us from almost every profession and vocation, and from many diverse backgrounds. One such recent trend is the amount of physicians, yes, M.D.s who are purchasing products from us. We have physicians who are purchasing from us who practice medicine domestically in the United […]

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Featured Medical Tip: Got Something in Your Eye?

One of the most important assets to possess during a less-than-desirable-situation is…one’s health! When life is “good” and you are not trapped on bed rest, recovering from a debilitating illness, or some other physical limitation, it’s easy to take good health for granted. Now, picture this: A sudden earthquake rattles your location and shuts down […]

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Featured Review: Winning Contestant Reviews Royal Berkey on TheSurvivalBlog

Today on TheSurvivalBlog, a contestant who won third place in a writing contest posted his review of the Royal Berkey Water Purification system. He won the Royal Berkey as a prize which LPC Survival, Ltd. sponsored for the third placing winner. Here is an excerpt from his letter: “The first item I want to review […]

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SOS: Thoughts on Italy’s Costa Concordia’s Capsizing

The tragedy in Italy this weekend has definitely shaken many individuals who will be traveling on cruise ships, no doubt. While we are awaiting the causative details of this tragedy, we already know that Captain Francesco Schettino had deviated from the ship’s charted course. Five fatalities are the current count as of this writing, with many more […]

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Price Increase Update: Wise Food Meat Supply

Save 13% by purchasing Wise Food’s Real Meat Bucket THIS WEEK ONLY at $109! Effective Monday, January 23, 2012, the new price will be increased to $125.00, this is per Wise Food Company, the manufacturer of Wise Food Storage products. We offer Wise Food Products as a potential solution for individuals looking for food storage […]

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Cleaning the Waters of Information

Recently, I read an article on a blogger’s site that mentioned the Berkey® Water Purification and Seychelle® filtration systems, as well as another filtration system. Some points in that article that need clarification, especially since such generalities as stated in that article are lacking in reason and practicality. It is vital for individuals to offer […]

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A Personal Lesson on Preparedness

I participated in the Boy Scout program when I was a teenager and enjoyed many experiences in that program. Of course, we camped out alot and played tons of Capture the Flag. I also had a few experiences which underscored the value of preparing for the unknown, especially unanticipated severe weather. One particular troop outing […]

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Greater Self-Reliance for the New Year 2012

So many people have their hearts set on resolutions like weight-loss, getting out of debt, saving money…even greater Self-Reliance! New year resolutions or not, greater self-reliance makes sense. Here are 4 reasons why self-reliance is king: Self-Reliance is the ultimate pursuit of freedom. John Locke had it right with the idea that man has the […]

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