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RECIPE: Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza Crust


Before my wife and I moved from California to Texas, we used to have homemade pizza every Friday night. She had purchased a pizza stone for the oven. Her whole wheat crust was A-MAZING and the marinara sauce was absolutely OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! So, when I saw this recipe, it was instantly added to my list of […]

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Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

I love cobblers! Here’s a delicious recipe that’s super easy to make. Since it is the first month of the year, I thought it completely appropriate to remind all those dieters EXACTLY what they’re missing! I won’t blow my money on a 1-month gym membership…I’d rather spend it at Costco!

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Recipe for Moist Turkey

We have a couple of family recipes that we use at Thanksgiving for the turkey and for dressing. I’ll never forget the moist turkey meals that my aunt would make each and every Thanksgiving. Makes me wish I was back in California over the holidays! As you’re preparing your Thanksgiving eats, here’s a recipe to […]

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Roasting Vegetables the RIGHT Way

We eat TONS of veggies at Thanksgiving. Here’s yet one more area that we’ll be sure to get right this Thanksgiving feast! Check out this video…roasting your veggies @ 500 degrees. I didn’t even know the oven went that high!

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3 Homemade Eggnog Recipes

As the holidays approach, I can’t help but enjoy the availability of delicious eggnog! I’ve been itching to try my own hand at homemade eggnog and this year I’m doing it. The recipe I’m going to try is this one. Here are three additional recipes that caught my attention for one reason or another: 1. Eggnog […]

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Dry canning

Dry Canning

Dry Canning I’ve bottled peaches, jams, apple pie filling but it has never occurred to me before that I can use my Mason jars to bottle dry goods. Sure, store my rice in beans in sealed #10 cans for long term storage, but that requires special equipment to make the cans airtight. But at The […]

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