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FUN FOOD CRAFT: “At the Beach” Vanilla Pudding Cups


Ever eaten out at a fancy-pants restaurant? You know, the kind where they serve you a plate with 0.05 ounces of meat and veggies, drizzled with some artistic sauce, and the plate costs $153? Aside from the “exotic story” behind the food, it’s all about presentation. And so it is with today’s post. It’s all […]

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Photo Ideas, 1st Day of School 2017

Here we go…I see my parents coming out now, “back when I was a kid…” But really, when I was a kid we didn’t do this whole “take a picture on the first day of school”. Then again, there are plenty of things that I did do as a kid that would totally not be […]

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DIY: Prescription Bottle Hide-A-Key

Freakin’ A! Seriously. I just saw one of the COOLEST DIYs that I’ve seen in a while. And again, I’m brought about to wonder at the ingenuity of the person that thought of this. I want to buy that person an In-N-Out Burger, no, scratch that, WhatABurger! In any event, click on the image below […]

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DIY: 40 Repurposed Wood Projects

I love working with wood, especially re-purposing it. Less than one year ago, I did some contract manufacturing for a local startup here in Houston. They were handmilling California Redwood fence pickets into their product. Only problem was, that wood is not designed to be used than for anything other than fencing. We used to […]

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DIY: Firefly Lamp

Today’s post was originally found on another site that did not have a few bits of information right. Perhaps most telling was the conflict I have with sites not giving credit to originators of creatives and sources. The graphics I make will ALWAYS refer sources and credit originators of content, unless I find no attribution, […]

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DIY: Lawn Mower Storage Caddy

Here in Texas, especially in the summer, if you’re gonna mow your own lawn, it’s best to do it early in the morning or late afternoon when it cools down. Lots of us have zero-turn mowers (AKA sit-down mowers) in addition to traditional gas-powered machines. Today’s DIY is a simple help to store a gas-powered […]

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DIY: Dryer Lint Firestarter Tube

I’m certainly not lighting a bonfire in this Texas warmth. But hey, when we find ingenuity, we have an obligation to share it…especially when it helps you get through a boring day at work! I like the simplicity of this DIY. Click on the image below to see how to create your own lint firestarter […]

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DIY: Squirt-Gun Painting

With so many fun things to do for/with the kiddos this summer, here’s one that is 100% DOABLE, especially for our family. We go through lots of NERF products in our home, TONS. So, buying the Super Soaker Alphafire Blasters, as Melissa recommends, is perfect. With a list of only four supplies (if you supply […]

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LPC-upcycled solar lamps-theekissoflifeupcycling

Upcycle DIY: Lamps to Solar Lamp Posts

We’re HUGE fans of upcycling materials. For those of y’all who aren’t familiar with the term upcycle, it refers to re-purposing or re-assigning use of a material instead of throwing it away as trash. Before it was “a thing”, I remember upcycling tons of things from the local CHOC thrift store (Children’s Hospital or Orange […]

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Happy Independence Day 2017!

As you and I celebrate today’s historic significance, let us take a moment to reflect on the wonderful opportunities afforded to each of us in these United States of America. Though we share divergent thoughts and dreams, we all have been recipients of fortune and promise. Today, we celebrate the right to declare independence from […]

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