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Natural Ant Killer

DIY – Natural Ant Killer


Natural Ant Killer “It’s been ruined like ants on a picnic.” This phrase has been used many times for good reason. Have you ever had a problem with ants? How can such a tiny little animal be such a nuisance? Well, if you have ever found a trail of ants leading into your pantry only […]

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DIY Pizza Oven Project

Check out this DIY Pizza Oven Project How about the smell of freshly baking pizza wafting through your backyard.  Sound crazy, well not after this DIY Pizza Oven Project. Wish we had found this earlier in the Summer but here it is.  It’s been said that the best pizza comes out of brick ovens. Well, […]

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DIY: Make Your Own Jerky

Jerk! No, J-E-R-K-Y…as in carnivorous protein source. (Vegans, I’ll have a jerky post for your palette soon.) Today’s DIY comes to us from & is in time for those who aren’t willing to barter gold bars for delicious jerky. This tutorial is straight-forward & easy to follow. Knock yourselves out with this DIY…just be […]

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