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RECIPE: Guacamole Deviled Eggs


Well here’s a tasty treat! Growing up, I had a strong dislike for deviled eggs. I mean, they smelled like what they produced (gas-wise), in my observation…still do. But, once I got past the smell, it was my very own “green eggs and ham” kinda moment. So, check out the video below to see this […]

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RECIPE: Oreo Popsicles

Oreo cookies are too delicious. In fact, I think we need to expand the mode of eating Oreos to include homemade popsicles! Today’s post was a super short video that looked easy to follow. The only problem was that there was no embed code so I could post that video here. {Frown} Then, when I […]

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RECIPE: Flour Tortillas

Alex’s mom makes the most tasty Mexican flour tortillas that I’ve ever had. I’ve tried making her authentic Mexican flour tortillas on my own. #FAIL That particular fail happened a few years ago. I haven’t gone back to try my hand at it again, but I did find this recipe online and now I’m tempted to […]

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RECIPE: Grilled Fajita Skewers

This is the most delicious skewer idea I’ve seen this week! What exactly is it that makes grilling in the summer so magical? Seriously, I want to know why we get so excited to grill some food. Is it about enjoying great eats with family & friends? Is it the outdoors? Whatever the reason, I’ll […]

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RECIPE: Delicious Watermelon Lemonade

Who doesn’t LOVE a tall glass pitcher of cool, refreshing, sweet lemonade in the summer? AND, who doesn’t LOVE a crisp slice or three of fresh watermelon? This recipe is the perfect blend of delicious and sip-in-an-air-conditioned-bungalow. Click on the image below to read and download the recipe from the site

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Delicious Recipe: Honey BBQ Chicken Wraps

Summertime recipes are addicting. I love having company over and eating delicious food, especially in the summer. Well, I love eating great food with family and friends all year round. Hey, don’t judge me. This delicious recipe caught my eye, as does it all, because of the sweet chicken blanketed by those flour tortillas. Click […]

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Quick Easy Snack for Kids:

Snacks become a life-saver and form of insurance, especially for summer road trips. Here are 25 snacks for those restless little ones whose blood sugar levels seem to handle seven-digit sugar quantities at times…oh, and they’re touted as “fun & healthy”!

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E-Z Recipes: Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Scouring the universe for easy recipes…I found this beauty a couple of hours ago. I’ll admit that I’m making these tomorrow morning for our kids but without the chocolate protein powder. This recipe looks ridiculously easy but I’m thinking of adding strawberries to my concoction.

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