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Why Choose A Berkey System?


People are always asking me why they should choose a Berkey Water Purification system? If you have found yourself asking this question, or if now that you own one your friends are asking the same question, here are three reasons. Berkey® Systems are: Simple Effective Affordable Simple The Berkey Water purification systems are simple because […]

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Pelican LED Flashlight Give-Away

In celebration of Independence Day, and to showcase one of our newest products, we are giving away a premium-quality LED flashlight. Pelican brand flashlights are used by firefighters, law enforcement, servicemen, and other public service personnel. Here are some of the features we like with the Pelican 2360 LED flashlight: Light-weight & Compact: Aerospace grade […]

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Floridians Still Dealing with Toxic Algae

Apparently, clean drinking water is not as readily available as many assume. You know, we regularly receive orders and phone calls from Florida residents because their water is less than desirable. The image to the left is an example of toxic algae that was found in the water at the Iron Gate Reservoir, about 5 […]

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Welcome to The Berkey Guy’s Blog!

I’d like to extend a cordial welcome to you! We look forward to providing you with great information to help you on your way to achieving greater self-reliance and peace. Please subscribe to our RSS feed and you will automatically receive updates as we make content available here. By subscribing, you will also receive a […]

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