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SOS: Thoughts on Italy’s Costa Concordia’s Capsizing


The tragedy in Italy this weekend has definitely shaken many individuals who will be traveling on cruise ships, no doubt. While we are awaiting the causative details of this tragedy, we already know that Captain Francesco Schettino had deviated from the ship’s charted course. Five fatalities are the current count as of this writing, with many more […]

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Price Increase Update: Wise Food Meat Supply

Save 13% by purchasing Wise Food’s Real Meat Bucket THIS WEEK ONLY at $109! Effective Monday, January 23, 2012, the new price will be increased to $125.00, this is per Wise Food Company, the manufacturer of Wise Food Storage products. We offer Wise Food Products as a potential solution for individuals looking for food storage […]

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News Stack: Pennsylvanians Plea Water from EPA, Decor Wall Fountain spreads Legionnaires, & Water Condenser

Residents of Dimock Township in Pennsylvania were scheduled to rally outside of the Academy of Natural Sciences this morning. Lisa Jackson of the EPA was scheduled to attend the meeting regarding Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.’s drilling activities and the potential resulting contamination of drinking water resources. I have not read any updates as to […]

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Cleaning the Waters of Information

Recently, I read an article on a blogger’s site that mentioned the Berkey® Water Purification and Seychelle® filtration systems, as well as another filtration system. Some points in that article that need clarification, especially since such generalities as stated in that article are lacking in reason and practicality. It is vital for individuals to offer […]

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Insta-Fire Fire Starter/Stand-Alone Fire Fuel

We all know that there are basically two-reasons to build a fire: Necessity Convenience Necessity Fire offers warmth, light, a safe method for heating and cooking food, protection, and the ability to sterilize tools and boil water. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts are no strangers to the methods of how to start a fire: matches conventional […]

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Texas Drought: Stronger Limits Water On Use

It’s no secret that Texas has been suffering from a severe drought this year. We have received calls from many residents throughout varying parts of the state, each expressing concern for the gravity of their situation. One particular customer I spoke with last week shared that she hopes she “dies of old age and not […]

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Featured SnoMan Article: 1-Day Emergency Plan

The following article is featured from our friend SnoMan @ Enjoy! You can be ready for emergencies in just one day I know tons of people who haven’t prepped because they have big plans and just can’t seem to get started. If you’re one of those people, this plan is for you. Follow these […]

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Featured Nurse Amy Post: Garlic As An Antibiotic

The following article was written by Nurse Amy of It’s a great article on garlic. Enjoy!: In a collapse situation, it stands to reason that we may find ourselves without pharmaceutical medications. Pharmaceutical manufacture is a complex process involving a lot of chemicals (just see Dr. Bones articles on how to make Penicillin or the formula […]

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The Survival Podcast interviews The Berkey Guy

Jack Spirko interviewed our very own Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason this week on The Survival Podcast (TSP). The interview covered the subject of drinking water (big surprise?) including the issue of fluoride in your drinking water and a reference to The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. We urge you to take a read of […]

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