Building Shelter

DIY – Building Shelter Out of Common Materials

ShareBuilding Shelter Out of Everyday Materials The importance of having a safe shelter is second only to water and food. Even though modern homes do an excellent job of keeping out the elements, if there is a power outage during a storm the temperatures drop drastically. There have been incidences of people dying from hypothermia […]

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Hiding Valuables

Hiding Valuables In Plain Sight – Because You Never Know

ShareHiding Valuables in Plain Sight Everyone has things that they want to keep safe. Whether it be you’re grandmother’s wedding ring or your guns, it is necessary to protect them from the dishwasher repairman, your daughter’s sketchy new boyfriend, or (if the SHTF) looters. The best places to hide your valuables might not be in […]

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Antibiotic types

Types of Antibiotics and Uses for SHTF

ShareTypes of Antibiotics and Their Uses Since their invention in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, antibiotics have saved many lives and aided in the speedy recovery of many suffering from bacterial infections. But did you know that there are different types of antibiotics and they treat different types of infection? Today we will talk about the […]

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Sore Muscle Remedies

DIY – Sore Muscle Remedies

ShareSore Muscle Remedies We all know the feeling of sore muscles. Sometimes it’s the slightly sore “my muscles feel kind of tight” variety and sometimes it is more along the lines of “if I walk down these flight of stairs it might literally kill me” type. Whether the soreness comes from spending a beautiful day […]

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Natural Ant Killer

DIY – Natural Ant Killer

ShareNatural Ant Killer “It’s been ruined like ants on a picnic.” This phrase has been used many times for good reason. Have you ever had a problem with ants? How can such a tiny little animal be such a nuisance? Well, if you have ever found a trail of ants leading into your pantry only […]

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