Natural Lice Repellant

DIY – Natural Lice Repellant


DIY – Natural Lice Repellant Everyone at one time or another remembers a situation where there was a note sent home from school saying that the some poor child was infected with lice and that everyone needed to take the proper precautions to treat them. Whether it was yourself or a child of yours that […]

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cold frame basics

Cold Frame Basics – Frost? No Problem!

Cold Frame Basics – Extending the Growing Season With December well on its way and the yard properly cleaned up, you are be well prepared for the winter. The Autumn’s harvest is stored and preserved. But what if I told you that you could extend the growing season by two months? Well, you can if you build […]

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Seasoning Cast Iron

Seasoning Cast Iron – A Better Way

Seasoning Cast Iron will help it last longer Cast iron has been around for hundreds of years as cookware. It is durable, the heat is distributed evenly, and according to a popular children’s movie, serves as a good weapon . Keeping your cast iron in its best condition requires  maintenance in order to keep its shiny, non-stick surface. Before […]

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dehydrating foods without electricity

Dehydrating Food Without Electricity

Dehydrating food without electricity, no problem. Dehydrating as a way to preserve food has been around for many centuries. It is a good way to set food aside when food is scarce or out of season. Dried food takes up less space and doesn’t weigh as much as fresh food. With today’s electrical dehydrators, dehydrating […]

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Driving Safely

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety Helps As I look out the window, I can see the leaves are gone from all the trees, the wind is blowing and there are tiny flurries swirling around in the air. It’s really happening folks, winter is coming. Before the snow sticks to the roads, maybe now would be a good […]

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Headache Remedies

Headache Remedies You Can Use Without Medication

All natural Headache Remedies Sometimes they happen without warning. Sometimes you know exactly what caused it. Headaches can rear their ugly heads (pun intended)  for many reasons; loud noises, bright lights, stress, dehydration, and sometimes they just decide to show up  for no apparent reason. But what if you have a headache and you don’t have (or […]

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Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden

Did you know Winterizing Your Garden is important for the Spring? Now that winter is coming, it is time to prepare your garden to ensure that you will have a healthy, vibrant garden the next growing season. I found this article at Better Homes and Gardens with some really good tips on what to do to prepare […]

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