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Guide to Roadtripping with Fido


Some things you don’t know until you discover that you don’t know them. Makes sense, huh? Well, today’s post is one of those things. As a kid and also as a teenager, I had never given much thought to the impact that time away from my dog would have on her. I knew enough to […]

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PETS: Hot Dog! Keeping Fido Cool

Here in Texas, the sweltering heat takes its toll on all forms of life, both people and pets. In fact, this last week, a good friend informed me of the passing of her son’s beloved canine buddy. It was tragic. When I spoke with her son, he was heartbroken. The most tragic detail of his […]

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Harvey the dog smiling

Fresh Breath for Fido

As soon as I walked in the door from an exhausting day on the road, my son runs up to me and says, hardly able to contain himself, “We’re dog sitting for Mister Nate!” I won’t lie. That’s not what I heard, at least not on the first go. What I actually heard sounded a […]

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