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RECIPE: 1 Minute Strawberry Lemonade


Sunday afternoons are perfect for strawberry lemonade. So, here’s a strawberry lemonade recipe I’m going to make today. It’s simple, easy, and looks delicious! I’ll follow up on what I think of the recipe.

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Impractical DIY – Pocket Grill

On the search for DIYs, I’ve found it ironically enjoyable to happen upon impractical projects like this one. I found this DIY on Pinterest…the photo below made me click. The funniest part of this DIY is this line from Step 5: I’m not going to lie to you, this is painstaking to do until you […]

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DIY Shower Organization

The upside of shopping at Costco is bulk savings. The down side? I still haven’t found one…except for the danger of dropping 200 pound shampoo, soap, and conditioner bottles on your toes while showering. The only other downside of shopping at Costco is limited to those who are forced to shop at the location in […]

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Camping DIYs [VIDEO]

With all this amazing weather coming (depends on where you are, of course), few things provide the challenge, relaxation, and satisfaction that comes with camping and spending time in the great outdoors. If your definition of camping is similar to my wife’s, then you’ll likely enjoy the video below. Many folks share different mindsets with respect to […]

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How to Properly Sharpen Your Axe

Growing up in the city in Southern California, if we wanted to buy firewood for a bonfire on the beach or to burn in my aunt’s fireplace, we’d go to the store and buy. None of this “chop my own wood” business. The first time I hefted an axe and tried my hand at cityslicker […]

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No-Cook Dessert: Oreo

I confess. This post is about more than a simple no-bake Oreo recipe. Why am I posting this? Glad you asked. Kasey made a THIRTY minute YouTube video on this recipe. Thirty. Minutes. You can read all 511 words of her recipe, or watch the video, or both…or nothing. Inspires me to make a casserole […]

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Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

I love cobblers! Here’s a delicious recipe that’s super easy to make. Since it is the first month of the year, I thought it completely appropriate to remind all those dieters EXACTLY what they’re missing! I won’t blow my money on a 1-month gym membership…I’d rather spend it at Costco!

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5 DIY Easy Extracts

We love cooking & baking new foods in our home. I came across this DIY tutorial and had to share it with you. In it, you’ll learn about these 5 extracts you can do at home, complete with ingredients lists instructions. Almond Chocolate Mint Coffee Lemon Vanilla

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DIY Cutting Board

In the world of DIYs, few builds receive more love (attention) and fanfare than kitchen gadgets & widgets. This DIY is no different. Making a cutting board from scrap wood is a fun project. BUT, I strongly recommend that you research the wood you’ll be using for this build. Chemical treatments to the wood will […]

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3 Dutch Oven Masterpieces

With fall here, I can’t help but think of camping and the majesty of the Great Outdoors! Being from Southern California, I miss being able to escape to the mountains and doing a day-hike 45-minutes from home, or spending the weekend enjoying primitive camping with dutch-oven meals and stories of youthful mischief. In celebration of […]

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