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DIY Raised Garden Bed from Wood


The appeal of raised-bed gardens has grown over the last couple of years, thanks to people’s interest in becoming more Resourceful & Self-Providing. Some have pursued this out of necessity & others out of exploration. Whatever your motivation for building a raised-bed garden, we applaud you & join you in this celebration of Independent Food […]

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She Literally Eats Out of Her Gutters…

…rain gutters, of course! Suzanne Forsling has become somewhat of a celebrity for her ingenuity. Her resourcefulness finds a practical application for re-purposing rain gutters. Have a read: I am from Iowa, so I have an inherent need to grow vegetables. Each winter, I dream up ways of trying to garden in Juneau’s environment which, […]

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Emergency Seedbank: Plant an Heirloom, Non-GMO, Non-hybrid, Victory Garden

Provide Your Own Food Whether food is plentiful or when it becomes scarce in a crisis, provident living means providing for your own with the resources available to you. Having the right quality of seeds is crucial! Our Emergency Seedbanks consist of open-pollinated, heirloom seeds which are 100% Non-hybrid & 100% Non-GMO. Open-Pollinated – traditional […]

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