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Building Shelter

DIY – Building Shelter Out of Common Materials


Building Shelter Out of Everyday Materials The importance of having a safe shelter is second only to water and food. Even though modern homes do an excellent job of keeping out the elements, if there is a power outage during a storm the temperatures drop drastically. There have been incidences of people dying from hypothermia […]

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Survival Shelter DIY

DIY to Make Your Own Survival Shelter When you consider what you can make if you were out in the wilderness and need to protect yourself and you need to protect yourself from the elements, what would you make? You’ve looked around the area and there is no cave to hunker down in, the weather […]

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DIY Beef-Up Your Bug-Out-Trailer

I like today’s DIY because it’s a simple improvement project that enhances your current flat trailer. By simply adding plywood walls to the trailer you accomplish three important points: You become more discreet about whatever you are hauling in the trailer; You protect that contents from the elements, and You can decide to further customize […]

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