Two 7″ Super Sterasyl Ceramic Replacement Filters

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Super Sterasyl™Ceramic Filtration Elements:
• Sold in a Set of 2 filters
• Produces up to 1k gallons/set
• In continual use since 1827
• Contains granulated activated carbon, reducing chemical & organic compounds
• 7″ element installs in all Berkey systems or British Berkefeld systems
• Replacement for each Ceramic Filter Element is six months or 535 gallons after use

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The filter elements are produced using the latest ceramic techniques to provide a hollow porous ceramic, which is fired at a temperature in excess of 1,000º C. They are designed to operate with water flow going from the outside to the inside of the element. The ceramic shell exhibits a strictly controlled pore structure, so as to provide efficient sub-micron filtration.

The Sterasyl™ ceramic is the ceramic shell used for the Super Sterasyl™ filter element. Accordingly, this filter element will have, at a minimum, the filtration benefits of the Sterasyl™ ceramic. Additionally, the bore of the ceramic shell is filled with granular activated carbon, which enables the filter to reduce chlorine and organic chemicals while improving the color, taste, and odor of the source water. The re-cleanable Super Sterasyl™ filter elements remove suspended solids and reduce organic chemicals, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, VOCs and foul tastes and odors. The top of the Super Sterasyl™ element is closed with a unique ceramic dome. This prevents the possibility of breeching (leakage), which can occur with filtration elements that are closed with a plastic cap.


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