Aluminum – Trekker – Small Kelly Kettle

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Boil water within minutes with the compact & lightweight Kelly “Mini” Kettle for 1-2 persons. Easily cook food over your Kelly Kettle (while your water boils) with the optional Cook Set and Pot Support. Weighs 20.8 oz. (1.3 lbs.), holds 20 fl. oz. of water.



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• Includes Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag.
• Aluminum Light-weight & Compact, Perfect for ultra-light enthusiasts
• Perfect for Car Camping, Emergency Disaster & Wilderness Survival Kits
• Operates in stormy conditions
• Boils 2 cups of water (.5L or 17 oz.) within minutes
• Quickly heats & boil water for hot drinks, washing up, and bathing
• Used internationally by Backpackers, Bikers, Hikers, Kayakers, Travelers, & Trekkers…

With no need to carry fuel, Kelly Kettle keeps your pack light, saves you money, and helps you to never run out of fuel again!

Use any naturally occurring solid fuel such as sticks, pine cones, dry grass, and even dry animal dung. The Small Aluminum Trekker operates perfectly in stormy conditions, bringing water to a rolling boil within a matter of minutes.

Need to boil more water for hot drinks, bathing, or washing up? Easy! Refill the kettle, return it to the fire base, and refuel the chimney.

Note: The fire bases save space in transport & storage, inverting partially up into the bottom of your Kelly Kettle.

Product Dimensions:
Height ……. 12 inches
Diameter…. 5.5 inches
Capacity…..20 fl.oz., 2.5 cups, .59 liters
Weight…….1.3 lbs.

5 reviews for Aluminum – Trekker – Small Kelly Kettle

  1. C.J., Wyoming, USA

    When you need boiling water in a hurry there is nothing better than a Kelly Kettle. It is fast, uncomplicated, and absolutely reliable.

  2. Wolfgang K., Germany

    Hi! On my many fishing trips I always appreciated having my Kelly Kettle with me. As angling journalist and publisher of the German angling Magazine “Classy Catchers“ ( I know about the cult status your kettle has amongst anglers. Since I used it first time I know why! The Kelly Kettle will never let you down.

  3. Jarl F., Sweden

    This is one piece of equipment I never have regretted buying. The Kelly Kettle has been with me on all of my mountain hikes this summer. At first I thought that it could be a problem finding fuel high up in the mountains but it has never been a problem. Best Regards

  4. Alexis F., U.K.

    The Kelly Kettle is an awesome piece of kit, it gets so much use from heating mulled wine on frozen Siberian lakes, coffee in the Mongolian Gobi Desert and cooking for 4 people for a couple of weeks when the gas ran out whilst driving across Siberia. Many thanks.

  5. Don W., Ohio, USA

    With a fist full of crumpled newspaper and a handful of small pine twigs in the burner pan, I lit the Kettle. Within just less than four minutes the Kettle came to a full rolling boil. What a marvelous little item this really is. I will be using it on a regular basis on fishing and camping outings. Thank you.

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