Ascent Generator Expansion Solar Kit

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The Lion Energy Ascent expansion pack adds another 100 A/h (1200 W/h) capacity to the Lion Energy Ascent Generator. Giving you 3x the power of the Ascent Generator.

Included in the Ascent Generator Expansion Solar Kit is one Ascent Generator, one Ascent Expansion pack, one 100 W Solar Panel and an extension cord.


Height: 13.375 inches (339.73 mm)
Width: 9.375 inches (238.13 mm)
Depth: 15.875 inches (403.23 mm)
Weight: 45.8 lbs (20.77 kg)


  • Internal lithium battery pack: 50A/h (600W/h) capacity
  • Cycle life: 2000 cycles
  • Minimum charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Charge retention: 1 year
  • Integrated inverter: 120V AC pure sine wave, 1500W continuous, 2000W peak (5 millisecond peak)
  • Integrated charge controller: maximum of 35A charging current from AC and DC circuitry combined
  • Charge to the internal battery from the AC Charging Circuitry: 20A @ 15.0V DC
  • Max DC output current: 30A @12V DC
  • Max DC Input current: 15A @ 12V–15V DC


12V DC


AC: 110V–120V 50–60Hz

Anderson power pole: 1 port, total of 15A limit using 12V DC input


AC: 110V–220V 50–60Hz; two outlets share a combined total current limit of 1500W, with 2000W peak for less than 5 milliseconds

USB: 4 USB outlets, each capable of 3A at 5V DC, with a shared total current limit of 12A (60W Max Output)

DC: 12V Cigarette lighter adapter, capable of 10A output (120W max output)

Anderson Power Poles: 1 output with a total of 20A @ 12V DC current limit (240W max output)


PASS mode has been upgraded to UPS (uninterruptible power supply) mode. No indication will be given on the screen, but when plugged into external AC power, this input will be “passed” straight to the output (without using the inverter) to avoid putting unnecessary life cycles on your battery and unnecessary strain on the inverter. Now, switching back and forth between external and internal power is almost instantaneous (less than 20 milliseconds), meaning that your devices won’t lose power when switching from external power to battery backup or vice versa. Note: The battery must be charged for this to work.

This generator contains a new external pack expansion port. You can now buy an external 100A/h battery pack to use with your generator. Whenever connected, it functions as if you had three internal batteries. Outputs will now drain the external pack first. Once the external pack is empty, it will immediately switch to using the internal battery. When charging, your unit will fill its internal battery first. When the internal battery is full, it will immediately switch over and start charging the external pack. Do not try to charge the external pack separately from the generator without using the designated charger provided by Lion Energy.

This generator now has a better user interface via LCD screen. The user interface will show output power for each set of outputs (120V AC, 12V DC, and USB) and input power when charging. When external battery is connected, screen will show the current charge status of both batteries. The screen also shows the current battery temperature.


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