Emergency Salad Mix Seed Pack – 5 Varieties

• 100% Non Hybrid Seeds
• 100% Non-GMO Seeds
• Prepared for Long Term Storage
• Triple Layer Mylar Barrier
• 5 Heirloom Varieties



Emergency Salad Mix Seed Pack – Healthy Greens for the Green Thumb:

Food produced from your own garden tastes richer, fresher, and is a tremendous source of pride and independence. In a little over a month you too can enjoy fresh greens from your garden with our top-selling Emergency Salad Mix. As with all of our seed banks, these hierloom beauties will allow you to save your seeds and keep growing, season after season. The Emergency Salad Mix is the perfect companion to our herb banks.

5 Seed Varieties include:

• Spinach- Longstanding 300 seeds
• Lettuce Parris Island COS 2,679 seeds
• Lettuce Black Seed Simpson 2,679 seeds
• Lettuce Iceberg 2,679 seeds
• Tomato Roma VF 450 seeds

In the unlikely event of a shortage in a specific seed variety, a suitable substitution will be made.

7 Reasons to Order Your Seeds Today:

• Big Seed companies are trying to outlaw Non Hybrid seeds;
• Due to rise of GMO seeds, Non Hybrid seeds are becoming hard to purchase;
• Seeds come with a 5 Year Replacement Promise, even if it is your fault
• Seeds are prepared specifically for Long Term Storage
• When disaster hits, it is to late. We sell out fast
• Airtight, Watertight packaging, ensures seeds grow when needed
• If you buy right now, you will get free shipping!


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