Lion Energy Ascent Solar Generator Bundle Kit with EMP Bag

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  • 1 – Lion Energy Ascent Solar Generator, 1 – Foldable Solar Panel
  • 1 – 21-foot Anderson Cable, 1 – Lion Energy EMP bag

The Lion Energy Ascent Solar Generator is Safe: No need to worry about emissions because this generator creates none. This is because it uses a lithium-ion battery rather than a lead-acid battery or fossil fuels. It leaves no carbon footprint, making it safe to use indoors. Quiet: Because of its lithium-ion core, it transfers energy without the noise of a typical generator engine. In fact, it's practically silent. Renewable: While this generator can be recharged by plugging it into an electrical socket, its best feature is that there's a different fail-safe way. By connecting the generator to a solar panel, you can continuously create, store, and use energy directly from the sun. Portable: Beyond its obvious use as an at-home emergency power unit, this small, compact generator is light enough to take just about anywhere you'd like to go – tailgate parties, campouts, construction sites, vacations, etc. NEW FEATURES: PASS mode has been upgraded to UPS (uninterruptible power supply) mode. No indication will be given on the screen, but when plugged into external AC power, this input will be “passed” straight to the output (without using the inverter) to avoid putting unnecessary life cycles on your battery and unnecessary strain on the inverter. Now, switching back and forth between external and internal power is almost instantaneous (less than 20 milliseconds), meaning that your devices won't lose power when switching from external power to battery backup or vice versa. Note: The battery must be charged for this to work. This generator now has a better user interface via LCD screen. The user interface will show output power for each set of outputs (120V AC, 12V DC, and USB) and input power when charging. When external battery is connected, screen will show the current charge status of both batteries. The screen also shows the current battery temperature.


The Ascent generator is a surge of dependable energy when and where you need it with built-in innovations such as the LCD screen, pass through technology and uninterrupted power supply. It can charge faster reducing your time from 1 1/2 days to a mere 2.5 hours. For the power wattage, it's lighter than anything on the market. Up to 8 years of daily use and recharge, 5 times more than anything else on the market. It is also expendable which increases stored power capacity from 600 watts and 50 amp hours to 1800 watts and 150 amp hours.


● 4x USB outputsEach

capable of 3A at 5V DC, with a shared total current limit of 12A (60W

Max Output)

● 2x AC 110V–220V 50–60Hz Two

outlets share a combined total current limit of

1500W, with 2000W peak for less than 5 milliseconds

● 1x 12V Cigarette light plug output 10A

@ 12V max output

● 1x 12V Anderson Powerpole output 20A

@ 12V max output

● 1x 120V AC output 300W

max continuous output


● 1x Anderson power pole 1

port, total of 15A limit using 12V DC input

● 1x AC 10V–

120V 50–60Hz


● Lithium Iron Phosphate

● Life Cycles: 2000+

● Capacity: 20 amphours

● Minimum charge time: 2.5 hours

● Charge retention: 1 year


● 13.375 x 9.375 x 15.875 inches


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