Real Salt Refill Pouch (26 oz.)

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All natural granulated Real Salt.

• Authentic, Healthy, & Flavorful Real Salt
• 26 oz. refillable pouch
• “Nature's First Sea Salt” From Central Utah
• No Additives, Chemicals, or Heat Processing
• Unrefined and Full of Natural Minerals



Best-Seller: Easily refill your shakers with this screw-top pouch! (Net Weight: 26 ozs)

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1 review for Real Salt Refill Pouch (26 oz.)

  1. Paul Taylor

    Although it seems hard to justify the price of this salt over what is sold everywhere as regular table-salt, I can attest to the fact that it both tastes better than ‘ordinary’ salt and food requires less to be added as it imparts a better flavour overall. We also get other nutritional benefit too, from the other salts within.

    Although classed as a refill pack, I continue to use it sparingly directly from the pack and have no problems whatsoever.

    Try it once … I can’t imagine why anyone would wish to return to ordinary salt after Redmond Salt.

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