Big Berkey System & Mountain House Food Storage Special

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Get 10% OFF of the Big Berkey Water Filtration System & Mountain House Food Storage

This is the one EVERYONE is talking about!

Allows you to utilize water sources readily available to you such as; lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, swimming pools, even contaminated, untreated, standing water, all without having the need for water pressure or electricity.

The versatile Big Berkey Water Filtration System is ideal for a medium sized family to use everyday and a lifesaver during emergencies.


Includes 2 Black Berkey water filter elements and 2 hole plugs. Will hold up to 4 filters. 2.25 gallon lower chamber capacity.

Each water filtering system comes with filters that will last a minimum of 6000 gallons.

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We are also offering 10% off  Mountain House Food Storage Cases. Enter Code “MHOUSE10″ at checkout. Trusted for over 40 years, Mountain House is the leader in Freeze Dried Food.  Are you prepared for an emergency of any kind?  Prepare Now and don't Wait!

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