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by boomer on LPC Survival
Flouride / Arsenic filters for Berkey

VERY fast shipping. Great sale price. Thanks!

by June Grossman on LPC Survival

WE LOVE OUR BERKEY!! We bought the blue Berkey, without the lighted base. It is one of the best investments we ever made. We really bought it to have in an emergency situation, never truly realizing the day-to-day benefits. We have decent water in our town, which tastes pretty good, & no fluoride. I really had no idea that the water filtered through the Berkey would taste so different. Now that we've been using it for over a year, I did a taste test the other day, comparing the two, & there is a BIG difference! I can truly say our Berkey water is delicious! I love the taste of our morning coffee. We bought a seltzer maker, of course, making it with our Berkey water & it's wonderful. We just flavor it with either lemon or lime, or fresh juices - simply delicious! Whenever my cooking requires water, I use the water from my Berkey, especially making oatmeal, where the water gets absorbed into what I'm cooking. The other benefit is not having to lug cases of water & seltzer home from the store. We're in our 60's now, & we're not breaking our backs, lifting all those heavy cases, not to mention, NOT buying all those plastic bottles is helping our environment! There are 28 steps to get to my daughter's apartment, and she always drank bottled water. We surprised her, for her housewarming gift, with a Berkey and she is a now a believer! She LOVES her Berkey! We also recommended it to my brother & he bought 2, one for his regular home, & the other for their vacation home in the mountains. It sits right next to our sink, so it's easy to fill from our pull-out faucet, & is easy to clean. The Berkey truly is one of the best products we own!

by Robert on LPC Survival
Berkey system and water filters.

I have been using the Berkey system and the filters for a while now and have to give them top ratings. It is a great invention.

by Phillip O on LPC Survival
This is one fantastic system

We have had the Berkey Light system for several years now and have nothing but praise for the system. All of our drinking and cooking water comes from this unit so we have filtered a lot of water and never had any problems what so ever. I also keep water stored in 5 gal food grade jugs for emergencies such as loss of water due to severe weather. In 2011 a number of large tornadoes destroyed all power service in Madison County AL. So while others were driving out of state to find bottled water,s we had our own safe supply. If you are looking for a system that does what it says and provides many years of service, look no further than the Berkey and order it from here. The service I've received here has always been top notch. This system is well worth the price and the filters live up to their stated performance!

by Noel Trevors on LPC Survival
Berkey Water Bottle

Just received my Berkey water bottle today. Already tried it out from a local stream, also our tap as our water is strong with chlorine sent and taste.
And the results were amazing, fresh, no funny taste, easy to use ext.
Now this product was ordered about two weeks ago, I live in Ontario Canada and have already received it! Great information came with the bottle, and also the website is a treasure trove of information! I already bought my 2nd bottle tonight.... It is a must for all hunting, hiking, emergency or a BoB kits! Thanks again!

by Tula on LPC Survival
Stupendous Service

The support and service from Jeff and Erica even outshines the quality of products they provide. Personable, prompt, efficient, and reliable comes to mind. When they say they stand by their product, they mean it as was born out by how they handled a recent error in shipment. This level of service is hard to come by these days, so if you're trying to find a reliable supplier for your filter and food storage needs, give them a try. Thanks Berkey Guy and gang... appreciate you.

by Michael on LPC Survival
Crown Berkey

Been hearing about you on The TSP for 2 years. Very satisfied with this product.

Thanks so much Michael, we really appreciate your feedback.

by Jaime Austria on LPC Survival
MTN House Assorment bucket

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with this past transaction, shipping was very prompt, pricing was superb and the quality of the product is outstanding, Sincerely, your repeat customer!

by Elizabeth on LPC Survival
What I'd like?

There are many things I'd like to have to help with my survival. The Berkey water filter would be a start, however resource books and a comprehensive list of items necessary would be ideal and a good start.

by Matthew Hennek on LPC Survival
Good product, great service

I purchased a berkey after moving into a city that had terrible tasting water. The berkey did an amazing job of removing that mud taste. Unfortunately after a month, the mud taste was back. Did a quick red dye test and found after close examination that the sealant that held the filter to the plastic fitting degraded. Jeff quickly replaced the filters. A short 9 months later it happened AGAIN but again jeff had them replaced. This set lasted a full 2 years and I'm very happy with it.

Great customer service is why I will always ordered from directive21!

Thanks so much, glad to help you.

by G.P. Morris on LPC Survival
Great value and even better service!

I ordered some PRI-G on Friday before Labour Day. I wasn't expecting it for at least a week. It arrived on Tuesday, the day after the three day holiday! Wow! I was blown away!

I had a similar experience twice before when ordering Berkey candles. From the day I ordered them, they were at my door with-in four - five days.

I always give referrals to "The Berkey Guy" every time I talk about getting supplies in for the winter or during hurricane season.

Thank you, Jeff!

by Clinton Lee Crafts on LPC Survival
Berkey Light

The Berkey Light has proven to be an excellent resource for keeping arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride out of our children's mouths. If you're getting the filters, don't forget the additional ones for completely pure water. This is our 5th year with this system. Due for a newer soon. Wonderful investment you won't regret.

by Barbara on LPC Survival
Worth every penny

I would not hesitate to recommend the Berkey to anyone and everyone. After doing much research, we decided on the Berkey for our filtering needs and have had not one regret. Would I buy again from the Berkey Guy? I have..several times!

by Chris Belmonte on LPC Survival
Love the Sports Bottles!

I have had a Berkey Sports Bottle for a while now and love it! At the special price you are offering now, I just ordered 10 more for gifts for my family. I no longer worry about where my drinking water comes from or what is in it because my Sports Bottle filters the bad stuff out!

by MF Womack on LPC Survival

I have the Berkey Light and absolutely love it. After using it awhile, I decided that I wanted to store this water so that if the power went out and my pump was not working I would still have great water. I also learned that once the drops slow down that is so easy to clean the filters to increase the speed once again. The hardest part of this easy system is priming the filters. My daughter brings her half gallon jugs to fill-up while she visits and will only drink "mom's water". So glad I discover Berkey Filtration Systems. Thanks, Jeff, for offering your specials on filters and no shipping costs.

by Tracy Boggs on LPC Survival
Amazing Service!

I emailed them with a question about my order right after I placed it. He literally called me back within two minutes. I am beyond shocked at this level of service. I think I can say I have never received this level of service before from an internet order. Beyond impressed!

by Debbie on LPC Survival
Love the Big Berkey

I was very skeptical whether the Berkey system could make our local tap water actually taste good. Even the local bottled water tastes bad. I had a highly-rated point-of-source filter on the tap, and the water still tasted terrible. I was surprised and thrilled when I found that the Berkey water tasted good!! We use it all the time and I fill a gallon bottle and take it to work with me rather than use the water filter there. We also love the shower filter. Whenever I've had questions, Jeff or someone calls or emails me right away and have been most helpful. I am happy with the Berkey and feel so secure in having it.

by Lezlie Wright on LPC Survival
tattler lids

I live in Oklahoma and can not find these anywhere. Could you tell me where to find them.

We offer them on our web site here:

by Steve Guttman on LPC Survival
Great Product ,Great Service!!

I have been reading about Berkey water purifying systems for years,wanting one very
much. I just have a feeling something will
happen to the electric power grid in the USA
and those who cannot purify their own water
may very well perish. And if I am wrong,
my nieces will inherit a very high quality
water purification device.
Jeff got my travel Berkey shipped out the
day I ordered it.The extremely heavy gauge
TRUE stainless steel thoroughly impressed
me and the claim about it removing food color
from water is absolutely correct. My hat is off to this company for providing an exceedingly fine quality product at a fair price,and exceelent service. I recommend this
product heartily! Steve Guttman

by Melda Magill on LPC Survival
Really like mine!

I've owned a Big Berkey for several years and it's still working great! Definitely pays for itself in no time, considering I was buying water at the store every week!

by Rena on LPC Survival
Really want one

These filters look great and I would love to have one to add to my emergency prepardness!

by Sandy Taylor on LPC Survival
Appreciate the New Site

The new site is wonderful. I love the blue, and the much improved navigation and cart system. It'll be even easier to refer folks to your website for their Berkeys and food storage. I also specifically wanted to thank you for making your old pages redirect to the new product categories - I don't need to go back and update every link I've ever made to Directive21. Much appreciated!

~ Sandy Taylor

by D.B. from Florida on LPC Survival
Berkey Water Filter Review - LOVE IT!

Hi Jeff, We have iron-y and sulphur-y well water and I am filtering it with the Berkey. It is pretty ‘dirty’… What do you think? OMG [my Berkey Light makes] a WORLD of difference. Before it tastes like iron or sulphurish and after, it is just…pure, clean, crisp,…My mom HATES water, always has, but she loves this and is glad I got it for her.
(I want to cover up the top part, people freak when they see it, lolol).
Thanks! LOVE IT!
D.B. from Florida

by Brandon Shelton on LPC Survival

I recently led a small 3 man team of US Paramedics down to Haiti to provide emergency medical care and services to the people of Port Au Prince and more specifically to the adults and children of Ruuska Village outside Port Au Prince, Haiti. My team and I worked with Jeff at to purchase some of the Berkey Sport Bottle filtration systems for our use while in country. Jeff went above and beyond to accommodate us, he went as far as to personally ship our products overnight to insure that we received them prior to our lift off date. We used the Sport Bottles as our sole water treatment during our week long stay in Haiti. Contaminated water is a big problem in the country and in the village that we were operating out of in particular. The village’s well was causing amebic dysentery among the children and our simple test kits revealed both biological and chemical contaminants that were not present prior to the earthquake. The Berkey Sport Bottles performed 100% as advertised for us. The test kits showed the water coming out of the bottles to be contaminant free and safe for use as potable water. We filled our Sport Bottles from the well through out our trip and had not one hint of health problems related to drinking water during our time in country, nor once we returned home. On several occasions we were forced to fill our bottles from other water sources (ponds, streams, etc.) which we knew were contaminated and we did so with the utmost confidence. The Berkey Sport Bottle works as advertised!! This system will be accompanying me on all future trips to disaster zones and developing nations where the water supply is questionable. We will also be purchasing some larger systems to be used as base camp filters as well. A big thank you to Jeff for his superior product and excellent customer service!! The only complaint we had about the Sport Bottles was from one of my teammates who likes Kool-Aid, the Sport Bottle Water Bottles completely filtered out any flavor and color. That’s right, it didn’t matter how “strong” my man made his drink, all that came out of the straw was crystal clear water, not even a tint of color!! GREAT PRODUCT JEFF!! Thanks again and God Bless you and yours.

Brandon Shelton
Haiti Paramedic Relief Team Leader
Jacksonville, Florida

by Nancy on LPC Survival
I HIGHLY recommend the Berkey system.

We’ve been using the Berkey system for many years now. We lived in an area of unhealthy water, and wanted to purify the local water system’s product. We were amazed at how much better the water tasted. Water was now pleasant to drink! The Berkey is easy to use, convenient, and well worth the money. You might be tempted to go the cheaper route and buy a cheaper water filter, but they don’t remove the impurities that a Berkey does. A Berkey is a fantastic investment when you realize what it removes.
We moved 4- 1/2 years ago, now live in the country, and the local water provider leaves a LOT to be desired. Sometimes when you turn on the faucet you can smell the water, and it is not a pleasant smell. You can imagine the taste. Thanks to the Berkey, water is good-tasting, and healthy. I HIGHLY recommend the Berkey system. I’ll never go back to tap water again.
We recommend it so highly, we bought our daughter, who now lives on her own, her own Berkey system! The prices and service from Jeff at were excellent.


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