Making the Best of Basics – 12.5 Edition – Sold out

One of the most renown preparedness and self-reliance authors for 40+ years, Stevens is still producing the Family Preparedness Handbook.

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  • Comprehensive Guide
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  • Expanded & Updated
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Print Version (Book)

A Preparedness Lifestyle Resource!

Forget all the scare scenarios. Here's why people have purchased over 805,000 copies of this 257-page trusted resource since 1974:

  • To be prepared for a loss of primary income due to accident/disability/illness
  • As a resource against earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters
  • As an education reference toward becoming more self-reliant and to teach others who want to do the same
  • As a research guide to shorten the learning curve of a homestead lifestyle or off-grid living
  • To improve pantries and storage inventories

James Talmage Stevens' Making the Best of Basics, now in its 12th edition, is one of the best-known preparedness go-tos around. Stevens lays out a yearlong storage program of 15 food and nonfood categories, six of which (water, wheat and grains, dairy products, sweeteners, “cooking catalysts” like salt and oil, and sprouting seeds) are capable of sustaining life indefinitely in a no-frills diet. The other 9 categories are designated “Building Blocks,” and improve upon the basic diet and support a more routine, less Spartan existence while relying on stored supplies. Some of them, such as medical supplies and fuel, will seem as essential to some readers as the first six.

Store what you eat, eat what you store; use it or lose it, are at the core of its calm advice and simple nutritious recipes.


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