Priming Button for Black Berkey Elements & PF2 Filters


Priming button used to prime Black Berkey Purification Elements for use in the Berkey system:

• Included in each set of Black Berkey Purification Elements, PF-2s, PF-4s
• Fits between respective Elements and pressurized faucet to “prime” the Element



This little priming “button”, as it's been called, allows you to prime your Black Berkey™ Elements (filters) using existing in-line plumbing.

This priming ring can also be used to prime & back-flush the optional PF2 (Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction) Post-Filters.

To prime the Black Berkey™ Elements when you don't have access to plumbing, use the Black Berkey™ Primer.


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