Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit – for use with Berkey Stainless Water Systems

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Included in the Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit (for use with Berkey® Water Systems):

  • Flo-Duck™ Lid Holder & Anti-Airlock Clip
  • Small Spigot Brush
  • Compact Filter Scrub Pad
  • Easy-to-Use Red Food Coloring Dropper
  • Tru-Shine™ Microfiber Clean/Polish Glove
  • Instructions for Use



Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit – for use with Berkey® Water Systems

The Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit† is designed for owners of Berkey® Water Systems‡. This kit makes maintenance of the Berkey Systems convenient and easy and is available now.

Included in the Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit (for use with Berkey® Water Systems):

How to Use the Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit

Why Use Flo-Duck™?

Flo-Duck does two things:
1. It conveniently holds the steel lid of your system while you refill.
2. It prevents air-lock in the bottom chamber by creating a gap for airflow. This allows water to flow freely when the spigot is opened.

How to Use Flo-Duck

1. Snap Flo-Duck neck onto lip of bottom chamber.
2. Snap the rounded lip edge of lid into Flo-Duck’s mouth.
3. Remove the lid from Flo-Duck when done.

How to Use Spigot Brush

1. Disassemble spigot body.
2. Use the spigot brush to clean the inside of your spigot body and spout with clean water and mild soap.
3. Allow parts to air dry, or manually dry. Once dry, reassemble spigot body and reinstall.

How to Use Scrub Pad

1. Use scrub pad to remove the outer layer of carbon from your filter.
2. Use clean water to rinse the carbon fines (black carbon powder) off of filter body.
3. Re-prime filters as last step to clear pores and to fully saturate filters.

How to Use Red Food Coloring*

*Only use with Black Berkey Elements. DO NOT TEST with the PF-2 Fluoride Filters attached!

1. With your system empty and only the Black Berkey Elements installed in top chamber, place a cup under each black filter in the bottom chamber.
2. Place top chamber onto bottom chamber, aligning each filter with its corresponding cup below.
3. In a container, add 2-3 drops of Red Food Coloring to 1 gallon of clean water. Mix & add to top chamber.
4. Add as many gallons as needed to fully immerse the black filters. This will ensure each filter element is fully tested.
5. Clear water in each cup indicates each filter is removing the red food coloring. For each cup that fails the test, ensure no leaks around that filter’s wingnut and re-test.
6. Replace each filter that repeatedly fails this test.



† The exclusive Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit is an accessory designed for use with Berkey® Water Systems and is not manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL), the sole manufacturer of Berkey® Water Systems, filters, products, and accessories. is an authorized Berkey® dealer and we are in our sixteenth year of offering the Berkey® brand worldwide.

‡ Berkey® is a trademark of NEW MILLENNIUM CONCEPTS, LTD. (NMCL)

– Flo-Duck™ is a trademark of DEMAND CRAFTED, LLC

– Tru-Shine™ is a trademark of LPC SURVIVAL, LTD.


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