Special Offer on Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

$115.00 $99.99

Includes 120 Lids and Rings
60 Regular and 60 Wide Mouth
Free Shipping in U.S.
BPA Free
No Acid Corrosion Spoilage
Use Lids Indefinitely
Dishwasher Safe
Made in the USA



For Best Results With Your Reusable Lids Follow Intstructions Closely (especially #5 and #7)

1. Inspect top of jar for cracks and nicks.
2. Wash, rinse and sterilize jars. Scald lids and rubber rings. Leave in water until ready to use.
3. Fill jars as indicated per canning instructions for that food type.
4. Wipe top of jar after filling. Place lid and rubber ring combination on jar.
5. Screw band on jar loosely. Center lid on jar and hold in place with finger while tightening the metal screw band finger-tip tight. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Product must be allowed to vent during processing.
6. Process as per instructions for various foods.
7. Tigthen metal band firmly immediatly upon removal from canner.
8. When jars have cooled, remove metal band and determine by feel if lids are securely sealed. Gently lifting on the lid will reveal any seal failure. Sealed jars may be stored without metal bands if desired.
9. When removing lid gently insert table knife between rubber and jar to release seal — DO NOT USE SHARP KNIFE.
10. Wash plastic lids and rubber rings, rinse, dry and store for future use. Do not save any rubber ring which is cut or deformed.

Helpful Hints & Tips

Helpful Hints & Tips

* Jars with nicks or chips in tops will not seal properly.
* In some applications (refried beans or especially greasy items such as chicken broth) as much as 1 inch of headspace should be allowed for sufficient vacuum.
* To prevent injury and burns, be sure to use a towel or similar cloth when tightening metal band after processing.
* Leave metal band on processed goods until contents cool completely.
* Allow processed goods to cool at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
* When leaving metal bands on during storage, store in a dry area. This will help to prevent rust.
* TATTLER rubber rings can be reused as long as no damage is visible and the integrity of the ring is intact. It is suggested that the rubber rings be turned over with each use. Grooves or identifiable indentations in the seal rings indicate previous use.
* When removing processed goods from the cooker, be sure to BE CAREFUL…the contents can cause scalding burns. Please handle with care.
* TATTLER Lids are especially suited for use with acid foods, such as tomatoes, pickles, etc.
* TATTLER Lids used and stored properly will offer virtually unlimited repeated uses! Enjoy your canning!


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