Organic Survival Seed Vault – Patriot Seeds

$34.99 $24.95

• Certified USDA Organic

• 21 Varieties of Heirloom Seeds
• Packed for 5+ Years of Storage
• No hybrids, GMOs – 100% Heirloom
• Designed for Almost Any Growing Region
• Includes detailed survival seed saving guide



The USDA Organic Survival Seed Vault contains 21 varieties of hardy heirloom survival seeds, passed down over generations. These survival seeds are rated for 5+ years of storage at 75F, longer at lower temperatures. No hybrids, GMOs, or outdated survival seeds in this product. All harvested seeds are reusable and includes detailed a survival seed saving guide.

The survival seeds are shipped sealed in a metal storage container and contains:

• Blue Lake Bean Over (30G)
• California Wonder Pepper (250MG)
• Scarlet Nantes Carrot (250MG)
• Marketmore Cucumber (2G)
• Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce (500MG)
• Golden Acre Cabbage (1G)
• Detroit Dark Red Beet (2.5G)
• Cascadia Pea (14G)
• Roma Tomato (250MG)
• Beefsteak Tomato (250MG)
• Cherry Belle Radish (4G)
• Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli (500MG)
• Waltham Butternut Winter Squash (5G)
• Bloomsdale Spinach (3G)
• Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion (250MG)
• California Light Red Kidney Beans (28G)
• Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melon (1G)
• Snowball Cauliflower (1G)
• Standard Chives (500MG)
• Sugar Baby Watermelon (2G)
• Black Beauty Summer Squash (4G)



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