VIDEO: Amish Bread


Bread is a favorite thing to make of mine. I don’t own a bread machine, but I do love my 6 quart professional KitchenAid mixer! This video was a must-post because it’s short and easy to follow. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Amish bread but it looks absolutely delicious.

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Memorial Day 2017

Today is particularly special. Sure, grocery stores and Walmart sell lots of meat, veggies, beach chairs, towels, chips, charcoal, matches, and grills. Beer and soda sales are just as strong too. As we celebrate today, we will think of our liberties with a peculiar gratitude. We will ponder the somber nature of the day we […]

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VIDEO- She’s Got An Incredible Memory

Reorganizing my food storage yesterday, I came across these two videos. (I often listen to something educational/entertaining in the background while I do “mindless” tasks.) In the realm of memory feats, this one is quite impressive…especially because Katherine is a teen. Take a look for yourself! She Memorizes a Shuffled Pack She Remembers Sequential Balls

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VIDEO – Cats & Cucumbers

Every night (almost every night), it’s my privilege to put my kids to sleep. As part of that routine, I’ll read two or three books with our two youngest, or we’ll watch funny cat videos. We love dog videos too, but cat videos like the one below, really take priority. Have you ever scared the […]

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DIY Thumb

Impractical DIY – Pocket Grill

On the search for DIYs, I’ve found it ironically enjoyable to happen upon impractical projects like this one. I found this DIY on Pinterest…the photo below made me click. The funniest part of this DIY is this line from Step 5: I’m not going to lie to you, this is painstaking to do until you […]

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DIY Shower Organization

The upside of shopping at Costco is bulk savings. The down side? I still haven’t found one…except for the danger of dropping 200 pound shampoo, soap, and conditioner bottles on your toes while showering. The only other downside of shopping at Costco is limited to those who are forced to shop at the location in […]

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Health Snack: Flourless Muffins

With the swarm of buzz words such as dairy, gluten, and sugar free, low-calorie, paleo, and vegan, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a rise in demand for these recipes. What was once considered a niche, especially for those limited by dietary restrictions, is now widespread. These recipes are part of what is considered “clean […]

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