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Featured: Radio Communications After a Disaster


I found this primer article that mentions radio options you should consider for grid-down events. If you don’t have your HAM Radio license yet, I strongly urge you to find a nearby class & get it. It’s so simple to get started…you get to study the pool of possible questions & you’ll know the correct […]

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FREE Download: How to Cook with Powdered Milk & Conversion Chart

If you are used to using cow or goat milk in your diet, here’s an important element you should consider for any recipe that requires milk as an ingredient. I’m not an expert on the subject but I find this link useful. Click HERE to visit the site or Click on the image to download […]

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Why Refill My Water Storage?

How much drinking water storage do you have? When did you last replenish/recycle your drinking water storage? Regardless of the claims made by the company that provided the water “preservative” you used in order to secure a shelf-life for your water, it is recommended that you cycle through your water storage and replenish it every […]

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Black Berkey Inorganic Test Results Published

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. has released test results from their updated formulation of their flagship product, the Black Berkey Elements. For years, Black Berkeys (as they are known) have been the benchmark in gravity-fed water purification, providing countless people with clean water from raw water sources all over the world. Leading from the front has […]

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Prepper Loneliness

Feeling alone or that you’re the only one who “gets it” is not uncommon for us Preppers. I’m not referring to the stereotypical Doomsday Prep…well, you know what I’m talking about. On the journey toward greater Self-Reliance (The Journey), we often find ourselves saving up for another important purchase, working on that project until we […]

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ABC Video: TSA Agent Andy Ramirez Steals IPad

Last month, ABC conducted an experiment to entice employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to see if they would follow measures to inspect luggage while keeping the valuable contents, such as portable electronic devices and money, secure. ABC intentionally placed several Apple’s iPads into luggage along with varying amounts of US dollars. Watch the […]

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Featured Post: Bug Out Bags: Build your own or buy ready-made? -The Survival Mom™

We recently returned from the 2012 Survival Expo in Las Vegas this last weekend. It was a fun trip that allowed us to see our friends and make new ones. One of our friends we were very happy to see there was Lisa “The Survival Mom” Bedford and her husband. Lisa was kind enough to […]

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Printable Checklist: The Preparedness Test by Gaye Levy

Our friend Gaye Levy (Survival Woman) from recently posted an article with 29 questions to help you determine & secure your level of preparedness…when an urgent event strikes. After reading the questions, is there anything that you think needs to be included or that you feel is important but wasn’t included? If so, please […]

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How to Escape the Frustration of Sod’s Law or Murphy’s Law

My first experiences with feeling rage as a kid came while I was doing yard work in our backyard. I remember it distinctly but I’m not sure if it was before I was nine or ten years old. In any event, I hated having to sweep the back porch and then our patio.I hated how […]

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