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Thyroid Disease in Survival Situations by Doom and Bloom


We recently enjoyed some time in Hickory, North Carolina with Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy of Doom and Bloom. As always, they offered their suturing classes which SELL OUT at every Self-Reliance Expo! The Dr. & Nurse recently featured an article on thyroid disease that we find valuable. Here it is: Hey Prepper Nation, The […]

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Basics of Fire Safety CERT Training

This week at my CERT training, I was able to learn more about fire safety. Specifically, I learned that fire can also be described as “an exothermic reaction process where rapid oxidation of a material produces light, heat, and other products of combustion”. I learned the answer to a $64,000 question: Is oxygen itself flammable? […]

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Getting Started with C.E.R.T.

This last week, I had the opportunity to participate in my first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. I have to admit that I had been putting this off for quite some time, but am glad that I am finally getting involved now. The initial class was great. There are a few weeks remaining and […]

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SOS: Thoughts on Italy’s Costa Concordia’s Capsizing

The tragedy in Italy this weekend has definitely shaken many individuals who will be traveling on cruise ships, no doubt. While we are awaiting the causative details of this tragedy, we already know that Captain Francesco Schettino had deviated from the ship’s charted course. Five fatalities are the current count as of this writing, with many more […]

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Featured Post: “EPA Study: Ground Water Contamination “Consistent With” Fracking”

West Virginia’s The State Journal published a story today that you should read and share with others. You might be familiar with news articles discussing the debate on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Fracking is controversial because of the risk it poses to supplies of water. The issue is really that simple. The trickiest parts for […]

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Denver's Self-Reliance Expo 2011

Denver’s Self-Reliance Expo 2011

This last weekend we attended the National Self-Reliance Organization’s Semi-annual Expo in Denver, Colorado. It was held at the National Western Complex and accommodated thousands of interested attendees, from near and far. We spoke with dozens of individuals and families who traveled from all over the United States and Canada in order to attend. One […]

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Potassium Iodate

Using Potassium Iodate In the event of nuclear fallout, potassium iodate becomes essential. This is a superior form of Ki. Designed to block or shield the thyroid and prevent it from absorbing any dangerous radioactive elements, this product has a tremendous shelf life. It will last for decades because there’s an extra molecule of oxygen […]

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Welcome to The Berkey Guy’s Blog!

I’d like to extend a cordial welcome to you! We look forward to providing you with great information to help you on your way to achieving greater self-reliance and peace. Please subscribe to our RSS feed and you will automatically receive updates as we make content available here. By subscribing, you will also receive a […]

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Radioactive Iodine 131: Potassium Iodate

Facts: (NOTE: We recommend printing this page and storing it with your Potassium Iodate) Potassium Iodate (KiO3) is a superior form of Ki. Potassium Iodate will shield (or block) the Thyroid and prevent it from absorbing radioactive Iodine. – Each factory-sealed bottle contains 90 fresh tablets of Potassium Iodate 85 mg. – Because of the […]

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