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Putting the Fun in Summer Reading


Summer is a prime time to be outdoors and approach learning with a proactive mindset. Our kids love trips to new museums, parks, events, and new bites. Perhaps most important, they crave being able to bring their book learning to life! For example, their learning about President JFK, and especially his assassination, took on new […]

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DIY: Container Pond in Stock Tank


Pam Penick provides today’s DIY. Her photo images are beautiful & make me wanna leave the big city to create a stock pond right now! ***A side note: I went online to look for a similar circular steel container but they seem to be hard to find. If you have one or can recommend a […]

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DIY Beef-Up Your Bug-Out-Trailer


I like today’s DIY because it’s a simple improvement project that enhances your current flat trailer. By simply adding plywood walls to the trailer you accomplish three important points: You become more discreet about whatever you are hauling in the trailer; You protect that contents from the elements, and You can decide to further customize […]

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