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Green DIY Grocery Totes


In the US, we use way too many plastic bags. But, we can reduce that by re-purposing plastic bags to make these adorable reusable grocery totes…learn to make your own here!

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DIY: 40 Repurposed Wood Projects


I love working with wood, especially re-purposing it. Less than one year ago, I did some contract manufacturing for a local startup here in Houston. They were handmilling California Redwood fence pickets into their product. Only problem was, that wood is not designed to be used than for anything other than fencing. We used to […]

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Upcycle DIY: Lamps to Solar Lamp Posts


We’re HUGE fans of upcycling materials. For those of y’all who aren’t familiar with the term upcycle, it refers to re-purposing or re-assigning use of a material instead of throwing it away as trash. Before it was “a thing”, I remember upcycling tons of things from the local CHOC thrift store (Children’s Hospital or Orange […]

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DIY Garden Bed Thumbnail

DIY Raised Garden Bed from Wood


The appeal of raised-bed gardens has grown over the last couple of years, thanks to people’s interest in becoming more Resourceful & Self-Providing. Some have pursued this out of necessity & others out of exploration. Whatever your motivation for building a raised-bed garden, we applaud you & join you in this celebration of Independent Food […]

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DIY Heater Thumbnail

DIY Washing Machine Patio Heater


Today’s DIY is geared to keep you warm in a stylish & re-purposing kinda way! This is a project I would love to get my hands on to try. Now, if I can only find a used washing machine tumbler sitting around somewhere… Click on the image below or Click HERE to visit today’s DIY.

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