Canned Turkey Food Storage 12 cans – 28 oz

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Ready-to-Eat long-term canned turkey food storage:

• 12 Cans – 28 ounces each
• 12-15 Year Shelf Life
• 100% USDA inspected meats
• All natural, no preservatives
• Low-fat & low-cholesterol

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Canned Turkey Food Storage

Long-term food (12) cans with 28 ounces in each can (full case) of pork, providing a total of 108 servings. Each can of turkey contains only the natural juices of the meat, no water or broth added, providing over 21 pounds of fresh, mouthwatering, healthy hand-packed, and cooked meat.

Extra Long Shelf life

The turkey is canned and slow cooked, creating the most tender and juicy meat possible. Because this meat has been slow pressure-cooked at a low 240 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a shelf-life of 12 -15 years.

These meats are sourced inside of the U.S.A. and are all USDA inspected.

Why Survival Cave Canned Food Storage Meat?

The high-quality of this turkey makes it a must-have for any & all canned food storage program. This is the highest quality meat available in the marketplace, at the best price too!

Specially Packed for Long-term Food Storage

This flavorful line of meats is prepared to provide you with the maximum quantity for your food dollars. There’re simply hand packed and “non mechanically separated meats”. This makes certain that everything you purchase is meat. After you open these cans they are ready-to-eat and delightful in any recipe calling for  fresh cooked meat.

All Natural

These canned storage meats are all natural and never incorporate any MSG, additives, fillers, or chemicals. They are low in sodium, low in fat, and nutritionally balanced. USDA-inspected Survival Cave Food canned meats are manufactured using 100% USDA inspected meats. Various other canned meats are foreign meats or state they are prepared in the USA, however their meats come from other countries and are only packaged in the United States.


Survival Cave Food long-term canned meats are the best investments in long-term food storage meats you can make.


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