Cube Stove w/ 2 Fuel starter disks

$34.99 $32.99

• Boils water in minutes
• 7 unique cooking positions
• Made of durable Aluminized Steel
• Weighs less than 1 pound
• Made in the USA

Dimensions: 4″ tall x 4″ square, folds to 2.75″ tall (15.7 oz)



Quickstoves' Cube Stove with 2 Fuel disks and accessory plate is a great solution for outdoor and emergency cooking. The stove is designed for quick convenient use, and at less than 1 pound is the ideal solution for camping or hiking. It has been engineered to maximize burn time of the QuickStove Fuel Disk but can be used outdoors with any wood or similar fuel alternative.

The Cube is made of durable aluminized steel with an electrostatic surface which reflects heat better than stainless steel or other comparable surfaces. It can be used in 7 different positions to accommodate different needs, such as cooking fast or slow, or cooking on a large pot or small cup.


For a larger pot (stove upright)
1. Wood – Remove plate
2. Fuel Disk or Sterno – Place plate on bottom inside stove
3. Gel or Tablet – Place plate on rivets inside top of stove

For a smaller pot or cup (stove upside down)
4. Wood or Sterno – Place stove over top of fire
5. Fuel Disk – Set fuel disk on top of plate under the stove
6. Gel or Tablet – Place fuel in plate dish under the stove

For grilling (stove closed)
7. Charcoal – Remove plate


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