Firebox 5″ Folding Stove

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Engineered and Made in the USA

• Easy – Opens into position. No assembly!
• Durable – Made of Stainless Steel
• No Trace – Ash pan provided to protect the ground
• Safe – Larger size is stable even with large heavy pots
• Versatile – Multiple fuels and different sized cookware
• Made in USA

Made of Stainless SteelWidth:  5.0″ (12.7 cm)
Height:  7.5″ (19 cm)
Folded:  .375″ (.95 cm)
Weight:  2 lbs (907 g)



The 5″ Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (patent pending) is a multi-purpose super tool for fire. It's a multi-fuel cook stove able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, iso-butane gas burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Folding Firebox's larger size and sturdy construction makes it stable enough for a large dutch oven yet it can be used with cookware as small as a camping cup. The Folding Firebox Stove is also easy to set up. It effortlessly opens into position, and when it's time to go it folds flat – ready to slide into your pack.


  • Multi-fuel versatility
  • Pre-Fuelable (for less fussing with the fire)
  • No assembly, hinged construction (a true folding stove)
  • High heat output (Boil 2 cups as fast as 2:30min)
  • Multiple cooking configurations, useful accessories
  • Use virtually any size cookware
  • Functions as a portable campfire

*Comes with 1 Ashpan and 2 Fire Sticks


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