Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef Case


  • • 30+ Year Shelf Life
  • • Easy to Prepare, Just Add Hot Water
  • • 6 x #10 Size Cans
  • • 10 Servings (Serving size= 1 cup)

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Spicy chili sauce with beef, onion, macaroni noodles, and beans. Feed the sports team after practice or serve the entire family after a busy day at work.

Delicious and filling, Mountain House entrees give you the necessary energy to fuel your next adventure — even if that adventure is relaxing after a hard day of work. Perfect for camping trips, backpacking excursions and emergency food storage, our meals can be whipped up in minutes to satiate hungry bellies.

Whether you're shopping for your emergency food supply or those nights where you simply don't have the energy to cook, our #10 Cans provide plenty of food to go around the dinner table.

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