Mountain House Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Case


  • • 30+ Year Shelf Life
  • • Easy to Prepare, Just Add Hot Water
  • • 6 x #10 Size Cans
  • • 16 Servings (Serving size= 2/3 cup)

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The aroma of scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning is irresistible! This case of six #10 cans provides delicious servings of scrambled eggs with bacon, ensuring you’ll have enough to feed the whole group! Super simple to make, just add hot water and in a few minutes you’ll have a delicious breakfast!

Start your morning with a nutrient-rich breakfast, both on and off the trail. Our wide variety of freeze-dried breakfast options ensure you'll stay fueled and ready to take on your next adventure. Mountain House's famous comforting favorites are ready to eat in a flash: simply add hot water and you'll be able to enjoy a filling breakfast anywhere, from above the treeline in the Rocky Mountains to the depths of Death Valley.

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