RADTriage Portable Personal Radiation Detector (Model 50) Pocket/Wallet Anti-Radiation Dosimeter

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  • • Instantly detect exposure to Ionizing Radiation
  • • Ready-to-go design for personal use in pockets, purses, wallets, etc.
  • • Military-grade, Field-tested & Approved by US Department of Homeland Security
  • • No batteries/calibration required
  • • Safe against the effects of an EMP-bomb (electromagnetic pulse)
  • • Made in the USA

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In the event of a radiological incident such as, a terrorist dirty bomb, rouge state action, nuclear power plant accident like Chernobyl or Fukushima – an accurate, easy-to-read dosimeter, like RADTriage50, is the first thing everyone needs.

The sensor of the RADTriage50 dosimeter instantly develops color and the color intensifies with an increase in radiation dose. The dosimeter monitors only medically significant doses (50-10,000 mSv).

The color development from exposure is cumulative and irreversible, this is especially important for individuals exposed to repeated diagnostic imaging or radiation exposure. The exposed radiation dose can be easily estimated by matching the color of the sensor with that of the adjacent color reference bars. The RADTriage50 dosimeter has a usable period of two years from issue date that may be extended up to 7 years if stored at 5°C and 10 years in a freezer at 0°C or below.


  1. First responders
  2. Military personnel
  3. Nuclear power plants
  4. Residents living near nuclear power plants
  5. Airline crew and personnel
  6. Anyone living in a location at high risk of terrorist activity or worried about radiation exposure.

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  • RAD Triage 50 Personal Radiation Detector for Wallet or Pocket, Nuclear Radiation Detector, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector, Anti Radiation Dosimeter Radiation, Ready-to-Go Portable Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitoring Instrument, Radiation detection: Beta, Gamma and X-Ray. Fits in wallet or badge holder.
  • Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Personal dosimeters Marble Detector Nuclear Radiation Meter Beta Gamma X ray Data Marble Tester ore Gamma Rays Uranium Monitor. Instant detection of radiation from sources such as nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons fallout and dirty bombs
  • Made in the U.S.A | U.S. Military-grade and field tested and approved by U.S Dept of Homeland Security
  • Shelf-life may be extended up to 10 years by storing in the freezer. Once removed it will have a usable life of at least two years.
  • No batteries or calibration needed | Impervious to an EMP Bomb (electromagnetic pulse)


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