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The Benefits of Colloidal Silver


I’ve experienced the benefits of using the highest-quality colloidal silver products to recover from injury and illness, so have my children and my wife. Heck, my sister (who is a professional dog groomer), has even used it to cure a tumor-like growth on one of her dogs. The growth shrank and eventually disappeared! Like with […]

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Happy Thankgiving

Thanksgiving is a day we recognize with a federal holiday, a day where we collectively express gratitude for our privileges and opportunities. We’d like to express our thanks to you for your support of our business. We literally could not do this without you! As Christmas comes around and the New Year, we wish you […]

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Video: Benefits of Sea Salt

I recently had a conversation with a business owner about Himalayan sea salt. Our conversation really centered on the idea of salt in helping to achieve optimum health. I found the following video and it was helpful. Hopefully, you’ll find it beneficial too.

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Video: Olive Oil Unhealthy?

This video came as a bit of a surprise to me, to be candid. For years, I’ve been cooking with olive oil over others. As I watched this video, I began to wonder how many millions of marketing dollars have been spent by those who sell us these products? I recalled my experience years ago, […]

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Recipe for Moist Turkey

We have a couple of family recipes that we use at Thanksgiving for the turkey and for dressing. I’ll never forget the moist turkey meals that my aunt would make each and every Thanksgiving. Makes me wish I was back in California over the holidays! As you’re preparing your Thanksgiving eats, here’s a recipe to […]

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10 Tips to a Healthy Holiday

I came across an article that boasts 10 tips focused on helping you eat healthier during the holidays. But, who cares about that anyway, right? I, for one, want to live to a ripe old age of 100 and I want to have full use of my faculties when I get there. That sure isn’t […]

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Eggnog & Chocolate Milk Classic Gold

Years ago, the late Huell Howser visited a landmark near my old stomping grounds, Montebello, California. This video is almost one half-hour in length but it is SO worth it, especially if you like seeing modern production using old-school technique. It’s a bit of a bummer that raw milk isn’t as readily available as it […]

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Roasting Vegetables the RIGHT Way

We eat TONS of veggies at Thanksgiving. Here’s yet one more area that we’ll be sure to get right this Thanksgiving feast! Check out this video…roasting your veggies @ 500 degrees. I didn’t even know the oven went that high!

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3 Homemade Eggnog Recipes

As the holidays approach, I can’t help but enjoy the availability of delicious eggnog! I’ve been itching to try my own hand at homemade eggnog and this year I’m doing it. The recipe I’m going to try is this one. Here are three additional recipes that caught my attention for one reason or another: 1. Eggnog […]

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Ideas for Stacking Firewood

Here in Texas, we enjoy having our wood stacked nice & neat for the winter. We don’t worry about snow at all but we do enjoy splitting & stacking wood. I’ve found some really cool wood stacking designs that I will try my hand at next week as we split some logs. Check these out! […]

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