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Camping DIYs [VIDEO]


With all this amazing weather coming (depends on where you are, of course), few things provide the challenge, relaxation, and satisfaction that comes with camping and spending time in the great outdoors. If your definition of camping is similar to my wife’s, then you’ll likely enjoy the video below. Many folks share different mindsets with respect to […]

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13 Foods to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

She almost crashed on the highway! This last week, my cousin (through marriage) experienced an almost disastrous episode of high blood pressure. While driving home on the highway with her three year-old in the car, she began to feel dizzy and felt close to losing consciousness. Immediately, she made her way to pull over to […]

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EXCLUSIVE: The Berkey Guy Offers Lifetime Warranties on All Berkey Systems

Throughout the world, Berkey® water systems are the best gravity-fed water purifiers available. Since 2005, The Berkey Guy has been an authorized dealer of Berkey® systems and carries the largest inventory of systems available, from the best-selling Big Berkey® system to the Black Berkey purifiers (AKA Black Berkey® Elements). As part of our commitment to unmatched […]

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Free Download: 100 Workouts for Office Workers

Yes! I’ve found what is quite possibly the best download on the subject I’ve EVER seen. If you work in an office and care anything at all about staying in great shape, then this .pdf is for you. Oh, and after you download it, SHARE IT. It’s awesome! Click the image below to download the […]

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Become a Stain Removal Guru!

I have a particular friend that I met years ago. I’m taller than him. I’m 6’3″. He’s 5′, if he’s lucky. His name is Fermín. What he lacks in height, he makes up in character and HILARITY. To this day, especially in an intimate small group setting, he talks about the time he worked as […]

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5 Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes

With the rainy season still in full force, I went a-huntin’ for easy slow-cooker recipes. These five slow-cooker recipes made the cut…but I’m also starving as I write this, so take that with a grain of salt. If you’ve got your own slow-cooker recipes or favorites, please share it with us via Facebook or on […]

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Swedish Fire Tricks

A popular YouTuber, Crazy Russian Hacker has TONS of videos of stuff that’s been hashed and re-hashed online. Check out these two videos of what are called “Swedish Fire” whatevers… Swedish Fire Torch/Stove Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill

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Home-Churned Butter

I used to think churning your own butter was a process reserved for people who make their own clothes and have forearms that would put Popeye to shame… Until I found this product (video below). Frankly, I LOVE eating butter, and I do so sparingly. The idea of being able to make my own butter […]

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E-Z Recipes: Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Scouring the universe for easy recipes…I found this beauty a couple of hours ago. I’ll admit that I’m making these tomorrow morning for our kids but without the chocolate protein powder. This recipe looks ridiculously easy but I’m thinking of adding strawberries to my concoction.

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