Experience the Berkey Difference

The business of water filtration offers plenty of opportunity for experimentation. Every company has a system, it seems, and every system has a new approach to filtering water. Determining which system has the best water filtration properties can be an uphill climb, of course. Berkey offers something unique in that it actually slows down the filtration process and ensures that the water stays in the filtering media for longer than most other systems allow for. Because of this slower, more comprehensive approach, the water's additives and chemicals are removed.

Berkey Quality Matters

Along with leaving the water in filtration media for a longer period of time, the filtration system from Berkey uses micro-porous filtration along with exceptional technology to get the most out of the process. This helps eliminate any extra chemicals or additives that may have made it through lesser filtration systems. Because quality matters, the filtration system from the good people at works wonders and produces a pure, clear, crisp glass of water each and every time through.


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    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for positng!

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