Berkey Water Filter


The Magical, Wondrous, Awesome Berkey Water Filter

In the wild world of water filters, only one water filter can be king of the mountain. That filter, my friends, is the Berkey filter. What makes the Berkey filter the top banana in the world of water filters? Contact time. While other filtration systems are jamming water through the filters at 60 to 90 PSI, Berkey puts water molecules through the path of the Black Berkey elements and draws the liquid through the media for a longer period of time. This allows more of the “bad stuff” to get filtered out, creating pure water each and every time.

While My Water Filter Gently Weeps…

Indeed, the exhilarating world of water filters is often not thought of as much. The good people are Berkey take their vocation very seriously, however, as water filtration is vital. With the amount of additives, chemicals and pollutants in your average glass of water these days, you had better have a safe, secure, awesome Berkey water filter system that you can rely on. Berkey's the one to turn to, trust me on that. For more on the awesomeness that is Berkey filtration, check out their website online at


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