“Unless you eat it or drink it or it’s toilet paper, don’t flush it down.”


Petaluma Patch quotes the lead operator of a waste-water processing facility, Ryan Smith, with the title statement. Apparently, they've been dealing with too many incidents of individuals flushing things down the toilet that should not be flushed.

You know, it gets very easy for us to become distracted with the routines of everyday life. I recently watched a video online that was a satire of some of the conveniences we enjoy in our technologically-advanced society. You can have a laugh at watching the video HERE.

But in all seriousness, the convenience of regular access to clean drinking water is not something I take lightly, neither should you. I read about boil water alerts, forced water rations, and other water-events every morning. It makes choosing which event to report on easier because of such variety. Ultimately, water-related events are not as infrequent or uncommon as you might think.

So what's my call to action? Well, for starters, perhaps we can consider ways in which we might improve the quality of the water that we drink….and that's an open invitation to pick-up a Berkey Water Purification system! Be mindful of your water. Do something today toward improving your emergency water storage.

-The Berkey Guy

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