NRDC Recognizes Threat Posed by Hydro-Fracking


Where do you stand on the whole hydrofracking issue? THIS ARTICLE makes an attractive appeal which promises job creation and a nice bottom-line to New York's potential revenue streams. Although I don't necessarily agree with the idea of global warming, the National Resources Defense Council's (NDRC) review of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's draft appropriately states:

“the draft study provides very limited protection, if any, to the critical aqueducts and tunnels that carry water from our reservoirs. From a public health and emergency preparedness standpoint, allowing risky drilling activities to occur near aging and vulnerable water supply infrastructure is an unreasonable risk.”

My whole opposition to hydrofracking is based upon the irreversible effects of an aquifer that becomes contaminated/compromised indefinitely. We are talking millions upon millions of water that will sustain life, agriculture, and land. Hydrofracking not only presents a risk to the surrounding environment and water supply, but it also utilizes millions of gallons of water in the process of drilling wells. Oh, and the almost 600 chemicals used in the drilling process are not legally required to be disclosed…I strongly recommend viewing the movie GASLAND. It's not sensational and has plenty of facts which raise plenty of questions.

The whole debate about sustainability, environmental accountability, and stewardship does not revolve around “global warming.” My concern in this topic centers on potentially compromising and destroying natural water cycles…after all, our posterity will be stuck with the consequences of our short-sightedness, or they will become the benefactors to our forward-thinking accountability and ingenuity. The choice is ours, now.


-The Berkey Guy

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