Fall 2011 Self-Reliance Expo: Salt Lake City, UT


I recently returned from the Self-Reliance Expo (SRX) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was hosted by the National Self-Reliance Organization (NSRO), out of Colorado. Among the noteworthy attendees were:

Over 10,000 in attendance and we were very happy to have met so many wonderful people! Among the highlights of attending the Expo was the opportunity to meet Mikhail Merkurieff, inventor of the Emberlit Stove. His stove really is a great design, robust, lightweight, and compact. It will be exciting to watch his product flood the marketplace, as he launched his product on July 4 of this year.

Jeff "The Berkey Guy" with Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre, author of The Modern Survival Guide: Surviving the Economic Collapse"

Another highlight was the opportunity to have dinner with Jack Spirko and his wife Dorothy, and Fernando Aguirre. Jack, Dorothy, and Fernando are down-to-earth people who are fun to be around…we had a blast while feasting at Hoppers in Midvale, Utah! Their buffalo burger was pleasantly tasty & big.

Sunday night, I sat down to dine with Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy at Last Samurai, a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar at the Jordan Commons. We had a chance to talk about prepping and got to know each other over wonderful food. They are good people who are committed to the cause of Self-Reliance and it really is an honor to call them friends in prepping.

Well, although this post appears to be about eating at restaurants in Utah with like-minded folk, it really must be said that the attendance at the SRX is a must for anyone interested in becoming more self-reliant. We will be attending the SRXs whenever they are and wherever they are. I'll give you three crucial reasons to make it to at least one of these Expos a year:

  1. Exposure to exclusive products for Self-Reliant Individuals & Families is second-to-none & you get great deals on them!
  2. You're able to surround yourself with like-minded folk from all over the U.S., strengthening your network of contacts.
  3. The information presented is specifically aimed at empowering individuals & families with the power to achieve true Self-Reliance.

We met with so many quality individuals, families, vendors, and partners. It truly is an experience that you won't regret. We look forward to the Expos next year and hope to meet you there!


-The Berkey Guy


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