Floods, Mudslides, & Storms: During the Flood (Part 2/3)


One of the most dangerous mistakes commonly made during a flood is the attempt to drive through a road which is covered in water (seemingly stand-still or moving), as can be seen here:

Why anyone would attempt to drive through without an amphibian vehicle is beyond me. Perhaps they were going for something like this:

In all seriousness though, here are some guidelines you'll definitely want to pay attention to during the flood, mudslide, or storm:

  • Make NO attempt to cross streams that are moving rapidly and at an unknown/unnavigable depth. If you must cross, be sure to do so safely AND once the water recedes. Streams will generally recede once it stops raining.
  • Be aware of mudslides & if you find yourself in a potentially unstable location relative to a mudslide-prone area, remove yourself (& loved ones) immediately to a safe location.
  • If evacuating the location, be sure to inform trusted neighbors of your departure.
  • DO NOT attempt to cross a bridge that is covered in water. Part of the bridge may have washed out or can prove structurally unstable as a result of surrounding damage.
  • Avoid allowing the water to make direct contact with skin and especially avoid ingesting flood waters. Flood waters provide rapid spreading of many harmful, pathogenic, and toxic threats, not to mention the unknown hazards submerged with underlying currents.

Please choose to be safe & informed friends!


-The Berkey Guy

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  1. SLHaynes October 24, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    I once was able to travel through a flooded roadway in an old Chevy by observing some tractor-trailer rigs drive through it. After several made it through, I noticed that a nice, fairly clear roadway behind them in their wake. I just followed really very close to one as it made it’s way though the water and came through the other side unscathed. Lucky for sure this time, would recommend it unless you are very sure you can do the same thing.

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