Iowa Deals with Arsenic in Water Supplies?


The Des Moines Register is reporting that Iowa is dealing with Arsenic issues  across the state. According to reports, fifty-five percent of Iowa's tap water is sourced from ground water.

Although the recommended test apparently costs about $20 for residents to use, resolving the issue will not be as quick and simple. Arsenic reduction can occur simultaneously with a treatment that reduces or removes iron from the water.

The article references coliform bacteria showing up in test results, although many individuals are unaware that coliform is not necessary pathogenic, or disease-causing. Coliform's presence suggests the possible presence of illness-causing bacteria such as E-coli, although not necessarily.

Elevated levels of chlorine also triggered concerns for residents even though that issue seemed to have been more easily addressed and resolved.

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  1. John November 14, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    There are no doubt other things in the water which leach from fertilizers applied to crops grown there and in neighboring farm states. Runoff from livestock feed lots may be contributing as well.

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