The Survival Podcast interviews The Berkey Guy


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Jack Spirko interviewed our very own Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason this week on The Survival Podcast (TSP). The interview covered the subject of drinking water (big surprise?) including the issue of fluoride in your drinking water and a reference to The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. We urge you to take a read of the book if you haven't already. Chlorine, arsenic, radiation, and chromium were also touched on in the interview. Jeff had a blast doing the interview especially because The Survival Podcast community is a valued audience who supports and he was finally able to thank them in that podcast.

The Survival Podcast is committed to “helping you live the life you want, if times get tough, or even if they don't.” We are happy to continue to support Jack's efforts, especially his Member Support Brigade (MSB). If you listen to TSP but haven't become part of the MSB, be sure to join & take advantage of  connecting with other like-minded folk. MSB members enjoy many benefits including discounts on prepper & survival products, free downloads, and tons of valuable information!



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