Insta-Fire Fire Starter/Stand-Alone Fire Fuel


We all know that there are basically two-reasons to build a fire:

  1. Necessity
  2. Convenience


Fire offers warmth, light, a safe method for heating and cooking food, protection, and the ability to sterilize tools and boil water. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts are no strangers to the methods of how to start a fire:

  • matches
  • conventional lighter
  • friction between two like, dry pieces of wood (several methods including hand-drill, fire plough, bow, etc.)
  • magnesium sparks
  • flint & steel
  • sunlight through a focal point (magnifying glass, shaped ice from snow, lens, etc.)

Fire can be absolutely necessary, especially if due to one of the reasons previously mentioned.


You might want to build a fire for a social gathering at your house, or perhaps on the beach. Maybe you are barbecuing or you might host an overnight backyard camp-out with the little ones. Fire as a convenient a part of your activity enhances the whole outdoors experience.


Knowing how to start a fire is simply not enough for a situation that requires a fire, or even for the convenient setting. You must also have the appropriate fuel, oxygen, and heat. In terms of having the right fuel to sustain the fire, Insta-Fire provides a solution that is unparalleled. It's a proprietary mixture of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax, which is able to remain lit in high winds or even in rain.

It is not necessary to have butane, charcoal, heating oils, kerosene, propane, or wood in order to maintain a standing fire, Insta-Fire performs perfectly on its own! In fact, 2 cups of Insta-Fire is able to produce a 1/2 hour up to an hour's worth of fire, with periodic stirring! Order yours, CLICK HERE.

Below is a video made by the manufacturer which highlights Insta-Fire.


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