Black Berkey Inorganic Test Results Published


New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. has released test results from their updated formulation of their flagship product, the Black Berkey Elements.

For years, Black Berkeys (as they are known) have been the benchmark in gravity-fed water purification, providing countless people with clean water from raw water sources all over the world. Leading from the front has not been easy for New Millennium, and it definitely has not been without the challenges that every manufacturer faces.

One recent success in the face of adversity was the challenge presented in 2011 by a portion of the Black Berkeys that experienced limited flaws with the adhesive used to secure the carbon portion to its plastic base. A design change was implemented which prevents filter separation and no longer requires the use of an adhesive to secure the joint. The adhesive is still in use though, offering secondary support and peace of mind for those whose defective filters were covered & replaced under warranty by New Millennium.

Another success has been the continued growth and distribution of Authorized Berkey Products through its vast network of Dealers & Consumer-referrals, in spite of direct attempts from competitors to discredit the trademarked Berkey brand. The lab claims of the Black Berkeys have and always will be made & supported through valid research, testing, and experience. New Millennium is not concerned with those critics who demand information on the basis of “spontaneous entitlement” and will continue to offer information and support to its dealers & end-users alike, while striving to maintain its exclusivity.

The Black Berkey's most recent success is the Inorganic Testing released on October 17, 2012 to all Authorized Berkey Dealers. With more test results to follow, this test reflects Black Berkeys currently in production and already in circulation. The County of Los Angeles' Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures performed the testing. There will be an update to the test results as Aluminum was reduced/removed as a contaminant as well but failed to be placed on the results provided to New Millennium.

Download the test results: HERE, Page 2 HERE.

Here are some common questions about the testing:

Why are the “% Reduction” amounts lower than the previous version of the Black Berkey, such as “Total chlorine”?

Essentially, the reduction amounts referenced in the tests surpassed the laboratory's testing capacities. In other words, Black Berkey Elements used in a real world setting will likely surpass the referenced reduction amounts.

“Total chlorine is the sum of free chlorine and combined chlorine. The level of total chlorine will always be higher than or equal to the level of free chlorine.

“Free chlorine refers to both hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and the hypochlorite (OCl–) ion or bleach, and is commonly added to water systems for disinfection. When ammonia or organic nitrogen is also present, chloramines known as monochloramine, dichloramine, and trichloramine will quickly form. Chloramines are also known as combined chlorine.

“Free chlorine is typically measured in drinking water disinfection systems using chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite to find whether the water system contains enough disinfectant. Typical levels of free chlorine in drinking water are 0.2 – 2.0 mg/L Cl2, although regulatory limits allow levels as high as 4.0 mg/L.

“Total chlorine is measured in drinking water and is also typically measured to determine the total chlorine content of treated wastewater.”


Why did New Millennium choose this lab to perform the tests?

Scheduling availability and pricing influenced New Millennium's selection of this lab as well as other factors. Lab testing is a very lengthy process with costs increasing for more contaminants being added to the list, especially when adding different names for the same contaminants.

What does this mean about the previous version of the Black Berkey Elements & those claims?

This testing refers specifically to the current formulation of the Black Berkey Elements, allowing the previous claims to remain with the previous formulation.

Will New Millennium release more testing?

Yes. New Millennium will publish those tests & results when they become available. In fact, although New Millennium has recently published these results, testing & quality control are a continuous process internally for them.

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  1. Amy October 19, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    These are tests performed, not results.

    • David October 22, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      Amy, please refer to % reduction. That is a result.


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